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7 Best 5-Gallon Aquarium Filter

The 7 Best 5-Gallon Aquarium Filter

Your office or bedroom would be a terrific place to keep aquatic creatures if you had a 5-gallon aquarium. Furthermore, selecting the best 5-gallon aquarium filter is essential to maintaining safe water for your fish. In this article, we discuss the 7 best 5-gallon aquarium filter on the market today!

The 7 Best 5-Gallon Aquarium Filter – Our Picks

We evaluated the top 5-gallon aquarium filters over the course of several hours, and the AquaClear 20 Fish Tank Filter emerged as the clear winner. It offers excellent filtration without taking up crucial tank areas because it is a hang-on rear filter.

Laqual 5-Gallon Aquarium Filter

For your 5-gallon tank, the Marina S10 is a slimline hang-on-back filter that’s a fantastic alternative. Its 3.70-inch depth means it barely extends around 2 inches from the back of your tank, making it ideal if you need to place your aquarium next to a wall while it is on a desk.

Bio-Carb, which contains Ceramitek to aid in beneficial good bacteria, is one of the cartridges made by Marina. Bio-Clear, which contains zeolite to absorb ammonia, is another. You can add your own biological or other sorts of material to these, albeit pricey, to make them more suited to your purposes.

NO.17 Submersible Aquarium Internal Filter

The Aqueon Quietflow E10 resembles a HOB filter in appearance, but it is an internal filter that hangs inside your tank. However, it is small enough to fit in a 5-gallon aquarium while still having room for your fish at 4.69 x 3.75 x 6.31 inches. It offers biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration, an activated carbon filter medium, and a flow control valve.

With a flow rate of 60 GPH, the E10 can cycle your 5-gallon tank up to 12 times per hour, which is more than twice as frequently as is necessary to maintain water quality. However, the flow cannot be changed, thus we advise betta fish owners to use different filters.

The 7 Best 5 Gallon Aquarium Filter

Boxtech Aquarium Hang On Filter

The biotech aquarium hanging on the filter is a great addition to any aquarium. It is easy to install and provides excellent filtration for your fish tank. This filter will help keep your fish tank clean and clear, and it will also help to keep your fish healthy.

The biotech aquarium hangs on the filter, is made of high-quality materials, and is very durable. It is also very easy to maintain and will last long. The biotech aquarium hanging on the filter is a great choice for any fish tank owner.

AquaClear 20 Power Filter

Our top pick is the AquaClear 20 hang-on back filter, a great option for a 5-gallon fish tank. With dimensions of 5.0 x 4.0 x 6.25 inches, it is incredibly small and will fit perfectly on the rear of a typical 21 x 14 x 18-inch 5-gallon tank, giving your fish the most swimming space possible.

It is highly strong despite being small and having a flow rate of up to 100 GPH. With the simple-to-use switch on top, you can lower it all the way down for a 5-gallon tank, down to 66 percent. This means that you may cycle all of your water six times an hour, which is ideal for maintaining its cleanliness and clarity.

NICREW Aquarium Internal Filter

The flow itself cannot be adjusted; therefore, if you have a betta fish, this is not the filter for you. However, you can change the input strainer to direct the water to the middle of the tank rather than the bottom. This is helpful if you have bottom dwellers and need to lower the current.

Additionally, beneficial bacteria can quickly colonize and provide excellent biological filtration when the bio-wheel spins and contacts the water and air.

FEDOUR 165GPH Adjustable Aquarium Internal Filter

This aquarium internal filter features two outlet choices and a self-priming design that makes it easy to start. It also has an adjustable flow rate to customize the filtration to your needs. Additionally, the ultra-quiet operation ensures that your fish and other aquatic creatures are not disturbed by the noise. Finally, the submersible design means this filter can be placed directly in your aquarium.

The enormous media chamber of the Zoo Med Nano can be completely customized, but it also comes with a filter sponge, ceramic media, and carbon. You can add the best chemical, biological, and mechanical media to keep your water free of toxins.

 the 7 best 5-gallon aquarium filter

Pack of 25 Paint Strainer White Fine Mesh Disposable Bag Filters

These 5-gallon white paint strainer bags are a must-have for any serious painter. The elastic top opening easily fits over any standard 5-gallon bucket, and the fine mesh fabric filters out even the smallest particles, ensuring your project’s smooth and professional finish.

These disposable bags can be used with all kinds of paint, stains, varnish, resin, and latex- so no matter what your project entails, these bags will get the job done right. And when you’re finished, toss them in the trash- it’s that easy!

AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

If you have a few nano fish, shrimp, or some newborn fry in your 5-gallon tank, the Aquarium Bio Sponge from AQUANEAT is a great choice. With a 2.75-inch height and a 2-inch circumference, it will occupy very little swimming space in your tank.

Small fish can use the sponge safely as there is no filter intake to get sucked into. In addition, the sponge is simple to take out and rinse with aquarium water, making maintenance quick and simple.

Others include:

  • Canister Filter Canister filter 
  • Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter

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