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Fish Types

Damsel Fish Information: Care, Tankmates, Types and Breeding

Exotically colored and known for their toughness damsel fish are a popular aquarium choice. However, their natural aggressiveness and need for space can make them difficult to keep successfully. One of the reasons why Damsel Fish are popular in reef aquariums is that their grazing habits keep coral free of algae without… Read More »Damsel Fish Information: Care, Tankmates, Types and Breeding

Tank Mates For Your Betta

Although many believe that Bettas can only be housed by themselves because they’ll “kill” anything alive in the tank, Bettas CAN be housed with other fish/invertebrates. In fact, there are quite a few species that can successfully coexist with a Betta. The general rule is… Read More »Tank Mates For Your Betta

Killifish Information: Care, Diet and Breeding

Posted in: diet, killifish breeding, killifish information, killifish types, species Brilliantly colored and highly active, Killifish are an enduringly popular choice for the tropical aquarium. They’re highly adaptable and comparatively hardy, with varieties suitable to almost every kind of tank set-up. Happy in large shoals but mostly too small to need a… Read More »Killifish Information: Care, Diet and Breeding

Livebearers Types and Information

Posted in breeding fish, fry, information guppy, livebearers, mollies, swordtail, types history Among the hardiest and most versatile of tropical fish, livebearers are a popular choice for first time aquarists. Mostly peaceful and sociable, they fit in well in community tanks. They’re always active and will provide you… Read More »Livebearers Types and Information