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Barb Information: Types and Breeding

Barb Information: Types and Breeding

Active and hardy-shoaling fish barbs make a great addition to any aquarium with suitably sized inhabitants, and they’re an excellent choice for beginners. Though they prefer slightly acidic water, they can adapt to various conditions and are easy to feed and look after. Here, we discuss in-depth Barb information for types and breeding.


Damsel Fish Information: Care, Tankmates, Types and Breeding

Exotically colored and known for their toughness Damsel fish are a popular aquarium choice. However, their natural aggressiveness and need for space can make them difficult to keep successfully. Here, we discuss Damsel Fish Information including care, tankmates, types and breeding.

Tank Mates For Your Betta

Although many believe that Bettas can only be housed by themselves because they’ll “kill” anything alive in the tank, Bettas CAN be housed with other fish/invertebrates. In fact, there are quite a few species that can successfully coexist with a Betta. The general rule is… Read More »Tank Mates For Your Betta