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Killifish Information

Killifish Information: Care, Diet and Breeding

Brilliantly colored and highly active, Killifish are an enduringly popular choice for the tropical aquarium. They’re highly adaptable and comparatively hardy, with varieties suitable to almost every tank set-up. Happy in large shoals but mostly too small to need a lot of space per individual, they’re easy to please and to be pleased by. Read on for Killfish information and their care, diet, and breeding.

Livebearers Types and Information

Posted in breeding fish, fry, information guppy, livebearers, mollies, swordtail, types history Among the hardiest and most versatile of tropical fish, livebearers are a popular choice for first time aquarists. Mostly peaceful and sociable, they fit in well in community tanks. They’re always active and will provide you… Read More »Livebearers Types and Information